The End MC


So our 30th anniversary is at an end. A great year for us and yet another where we not only renewed associations with a lot of friends but one in which we made some new ones (again). We had some great runs, some phenomenal piss ups (not sure though if any pubs had to send out for more Jack Daniels supplies, but it must have been close) and more than one or two laughs.

The site has been updated here and there. New pics have been added to the album (as promised) and the blog added to. On the subject of the blog, feel free to add comments you just need a disqus account which of course is free. We will moderate any replies but we will try to only delete or edit items that we find offensive or bad mouths other clubs or are posted to cause trouble (basically posts are at our discretion as you would expect).

On return to this site make sure you reload the page to ensure that you see the latest version.

A quick note about the site content. Please don't copy our intellectual property, that is anything you see on this site. If you want it, ask.