The End MC

The End MC

THE END MC is one of the oldest Motorcycle Clubs, not only on the South Coast but within the UK it was founded in 1969 by a group of friends who used the Cottage Cafe in Totton, Hampshire. Younger members of the group ('''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''''''', ''''''''' ''''''''''''', ''''''''' ''''''''''''''''' etc) who used the Cafe approached the older lads (John Kimber, '''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''', ''''''''' '''''''''''''''', Brian Winch) about forming a bike club. This was to be discussed latter at ''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''s flat in ''''''''''''''''' Road Southampton, all of them knew pretty much what they wanted from the club, so, it was decided that it would be an MC back patch club. However, the club name was not so easy and took a lot of debating (arguing) about. During the discussion a film on TV was just finishing, and after the credits THE END appeared as it will after most films etc, at this point ''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''' girl friend said, why don't you call your club THE END. Although there were variations of that theme put forward, John made the first of his many decisions as the President of the club, it would be called THE END MC.
Material was needed for the club colours, so canvas sheet was obtained from the beds of local trucks, why the green colour? because that was the colour removed under the cover of darkness.

Vince`s patches
The End MC colours from 1969

THE END MC insignia, the Monster, was Brian Winch's contribution, a variation from the '''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''' ''''''''''''' cover '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''', the lads spent most evenings in ''''''''''''''''' flat painting the club colours as embroidered colours were just not available then.

The End MC from Cottage cafe days

The local meeting place for all Southampton and the surrounding area bikers was the Cottage Cafe, if you rode a bike that was the place to go. The word soon got round that a Bike club had started, within a short space of time the numbers in the club had risen to about 70, by now Jimmer Smith & ''''''''''''''' were all members of the club. Like so many clubs that have survived from that era it's roots were very much working class, riding, drinking, partying, shagging,fighting and whatever is the bond that goes on forever and only bikers understand that.

Old Pic Scan 031-2
The End MC from Cottage cafe days

The club lost a few members when the realisation of what the club was about became a reality, THE END had numerous battles with the local skin heads, closed down the Living Dead MC on their own turf in Leigh Park and faced off the Amesbury Hells Angels (That was in the days before charters and all kinds of bike gangs emulated the HA but were never sanctioned or approved by the real thing) and many other clubs who tried it on. THE END MC ruled Southampton, they clashed with authority and those who thought they were hard enough to have a go on more than one occasion, caused havoc on the Isle-of-Wight, had a police escort out of Frome and ensured that a pub in Weymouth never forgot us (shame about the optics). THE END MC and their way of life carried on until late 1971, when a number of hard core members ('''''''''''', Jimmer, Spider, Winchy and ''''''''''''') all left the club and started the Hells Angels Druids. THE END MC carried on until 1973 when it shut down, however,the club was to re-open in 1985.

Part 2

The year is 1985 and ex members of The End MC have been out together, riding, socialising and maintaining ties and commitment to each other since the agreed closure of the club. Over a bit of grub at the Mucky Duck at Mansbridge both John Kimber and Fred Young discussed the chances of reopening The End MC, ex members and friends of the club with the right attitude were contacted and all agreed to restart the club again. At that time with foundation members and new prospects the club would be 40 plus, armed with the backing of ex-members and the possibility restarting the club both John, Fred and a few others approached the local HAMC South Coast for their support and agreement. The only stipulation that was placed on the club was to restart as a front patch MC as it was not allowed to have two back patch clubs in the same city/town.Members then set about finding the club a meeting place, the Waterloo Arms in Portswood was negotiated and secured where the landlord gave the club use of the down stairs. The Waterloo was a well used watering hole by Southampton bikers and a good start for the club. The Club remained at the Waterloo for 4 years, we then moved to the Star in Bevois Valley until the club moved to Albert Rd South. The club was now established with a core membership and a clubhouse, a lot of clubs will remember Albert Rd clubhouse being two stories high and the main bar being in the cellar. Those over five foot six had to duck when going down the basement stairs, quite a few people managed to hit their heads on the ceiling. The End MC was there for 13years where the club established its reputation as a hard partying, stand up 1% club. Unfortunately we had to move again due to the redevelopment of the area, at the time of writing this document the building still stands! The club found new premises at an industrial unit in Millbrook, the clubhouse there served its purpose for a couple of years until it was time to move again to where the clubhouse is now. Those who know the new location and have visited the clubhouse, you are welcome. It was at this clubhouse that the then President and senior members of the club approached the HAMC to ask to be sanctioned to once again fly our back patch to which they agreed as The End MC and our area is Hampshire for which we are really proud. The club has celebrated many parties now, hosting clubs from all over the UK and Europe and also reciprocating the honours. The End MC have been flying their patch for a number of years now and will continue into the future, we have lost some members along the way with some brothers sadly passing away. The END MC are immensely proud of their heritage and will continue to live the 1% life style whilst always ensuring that protocol is observed, educating and enforcing when the need arises.THE END